The Dubs

Mawaru Penguindrum is one of those dubs that you feel like it could be so much better. It's very clear that the English actors were not in the same recording room together, since since almost all of the voice inflections seemed off and unnatural in some way.

Furthermore, Himari's voice seems too old for the girl she's playing, and her pronunciation is legitimately cringeworthy at times.

Normally, I'd say stick with the dub anyway, but coupled with the very strong sub performance in Mawaru Penguindrum so far, I have to advocate for the sub on this one. Still, I didn't think many of the american VAs record in the same room/at the same time.

That's mostly a Japanese thing, yet, I feel it the most on Mawaru Penguindrum.

  1. Wolf Children
  2. Afro Samurai
  3. Fooly Cooly
  4. Paprika
  5. Kids on the Slope
  6. Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra
  7. Michiko & Hatchin
  8. Grave of the Fireflies
  9. 5 Centimeters per Second
  10. The Girl who Leapt Through Time
  11. Colorful
  12. Madoka Magika
  13. Welcome to the NHK
  14. Redline (If you're looking for an intricate plot, this isn't the movie for you, but if you want something beautiful and with a kickass soundtrack, you're good to go.)
  15. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
  16. The Dissaperance of Haruhi Suzumiy
  17. The Big O
  18. Blue Submarine No. 6
  19. Lucky Star
  20. Eden of the East
  21. Steins;Gate (This is best in english dub in my opinion and I dislike Okabes voice in subbed)
  22. Princess Jellyfish
  23. Tokyo Magnitude 8.0
  24. Summer Wars
  25. Samurai Pizza Cats

And while we are on the topic of SPC, it is the best "joke dub" in existence.


Super Dimension Fortress Macross

Sometimes, I just… Big. Robots. Mecha. Drool! I think it was because my brother and I got into anime back when much of what was available here was just that.

Now my tastes have widened and I see anime for what it really is. A format.

But there is still a place in me that enjoys… Big. Robots.

And so, Robotech will always have a place on my shelf even if I don't watch it that much.

The interesting thing is that it is basically the english dub of Super Dimension Fortress Macross – I firmly believe the Macek dub is better than the original Japanese track in just about every way possible. (Put down those torches!)

Only the original series, and from that I might point out, the very first 36 eps, are all really well done.

Some reasoning before I get attacked by rabid Macek haters.

What you will notice in the original is that different voice actors were used for the same character in the Japanese track – really throws you in some flashback eps.

Not just that, but there are some great original songs in the english version. But Gloval and some of the other characters feel like they have more depth in the english dub which makes it all the more rewarding.


Baccano = Lost On A Train

It's still a phenomenal show though I will warn you that the first few episodes are confusing.

The first novel was released in February 2003 under ASCII Media Works' (formerly MediaWorks) Dengeki Bunko imprint, and as of March 2013, twenty novels have been released. The novels were adapted into a sixteen episode anime television series directed by Takahiro Omori and produced by Brain's Base and Aniplex. The first thirteen episodes were aired on WOWOW from July 26, 2007, to November 1, 2007; the final three were released direct-to-DVD.

The series was also adapted into a two-volume manga, an adventure video game for the Nintendo DS and two drama CDs. An additional novel was released with the first drama CD and two gaiden novels were released in parts with the DVDs of the anime adaption.

Funimation has dubbed the anime episodes in English, and has licensed them for release in the United States and Canada. The series was also licensed by Manga Entertainment for English releases in the United Kingdom, and by Madman Entertainment for releases in Australia and New Zealand.

The entire English-dubbed series was streamed through Hulu during October 2009 and English-subtitled episodes continue to be streamed. Funimation streams English-subtitled and English-dubbed episodes through their website. The series has also aired in the Philippines, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia on Animax Asia. On January 25, 2016, it was announced that the streaming and DVD home distribution rights for the North American distributor of the anime, Funimation, would expire, which occurred on February 8, 2016.[1]

I love Baccano ever since I first watched it on Hulu years ago!

Check it out!


Liking Anime Is Like…

Liking anime is the same as anything else. There will be people who don't like it, don't have the same taste, or simply think that you are weird because of your interest.

For everyone that does enjoy anime, yet feel like your tastes are off. If you have a favorite then that is your favorite so no one has the right to say otherwise.

For the haters that just don't like it, you are allowed to have your own interests. And your preference against it, is your opinnion, you just don't need to share it with us.


Introductory Anime

I think that it is hard for people to get into anime, but the same could be said about any form of entertainment. Anime in that sense is no different. Yet, it somehow turns people off, even if the subject matter is something that they would enjoy.

That is why I am careful when I introduce somebody to anime.

Because . . . .

There is no "best" anime we can recommend with so little information.

As I have already said, it depends entirely on the person's taste.

Also on their age plays a role in how the whole expereince goes.

Chances are they're not going to be happy if you introduce them to anime with something like Berserk or Ninja Scroll. (Try instead: Wolf Children or Mother's Day.)

A lot of people trying to introduce others to anime make the mistake of trying to push what they are interested in instead of considering what they person they are trying to introduce it to is interested in.

You might be able to introduce them to anime, but that doesn't mean they'll ever have any interest in watching the same stuff you enjoy either. Different people like to watch different things and that is okay.

Anime is not a genre, it's a medium.

There's bound to be something that would probably interest them if they actually bothered to sit down with it.

If you want to start with something "familiar" I would try Cowboy Bebop, the reason is simple, it is the most Western of the good anime series and can be a good starting point.

Some other good introductory films/series:

  • Mushishi
  • Natsume Yuujinchou
  • Fune wo Amu
  • Usagi Drop
  • Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu
  • Anything Ghibli


For many is Berserk the anime by which all other anime is measured. But is that really true?

Let's explore it, shall we?

The entire series is all build up for the perfect climax, where all of human greed, envy, lust, regret, hatred, betrayal come together, and captured in a single moment. And then shockingly, it ends right there, no resolution, no happy or even sad ending.

And it ends at the perfect moment. If forces the viewer to not see this as a story, with arcs and narrative structure, but rather, the entire series is only an exploration of that moment.

That ending is the point of the entire show, and there is no resolution, happy or sad, that distracts from that single moment.

As much as we might want to find salvation or refuge from the endless abyss of human tragedy laid out before us, through some sort of resolution, the show offers you no such mercy. Rather the show leaves you there, at the edge of the abyss, forcing you to stare into its depth.

I could not feel properly for 2 weeks after finishing Berserk. and let me tell you, watching it the second time years later is even better.

The show is not going to be continue though, the producers have run out of money. Yet, the manga is still being continued and it's worth reading, at least the first few arcs are.

It starts suffering from getting too long and too popular. Another aspect that you eed to realize about the manga is that it suffers from very long breaks between chapters once you are caught up.


A Nice Mix

Nagi no Asukara

MAL score: 8.7!

So for Comedy/Drama/Romance with reasonable amount of each I would go with Nagi no Asukara. And honestly the scenery/backgrounds are simply gorgeous so you have plenty of visual aspects to look at as well. But unlike some anime they do not expect that to carry the film.

The series main focus in around two middle school friends. One of them is the indecisive crybaby Manaka Mukaido and Hikari Sakishima, who has looked after her since they were children.

Hikari and his friends' lives change when they are forced to deal with the deep-seated hatred and discrimination the people of sea have against the surface. By the end of the anime their personal lives, as well as an impending tempest which may spell doom for all who dwell on the surface comes fully alive.


If you've watched and liked Clannad, I highly recommend you check out Kanon which was released in 2006.

I personally strongly preferred it over Clannad's first season, though if you have watched Clannad: After Story I think that you will agree that it is much better than Kanon.

I found pretty much all of the other studio Key adaptations:

Ef – A Tale of Memories

Ef is really my favorite drama show – anime or other – of all time. The reason is simple, Ef – A Tale of Memories is an amazingly heartfelt story which brings forth lots of tears and the reuired happy moments to smooth them out.

The series also tells the story of Renji Asou which is a really heartwarming tale as well.

Before I skip out for today I would liketo suggest one more show. If you liked Ef, or want to watch it, you will probably like Rumbling Hearts since it is an incredibly well made drama.

It's not a tearjerking drama like Ef but it will leave you feeling depressed throughout the entire series. I personally like to think of it as the 'grandfather' of anime drama since that is pretty much all the show does (there is hardly any secondary genre to speak of).


3 Little Known Sci-Fi Treasures

Legend of the Galactic Heroes

The story is staged in the distant future within our own Milky Way Galaxy, approximately in the 35th century. Unlike many science fiction stories, there are no alien civilizations. A portion of the galaxy is filled with terraformed worlds inhabited by interstellar traveling human beings. For 150 years two mighty space powers have intermittently warred with each other: the Galactic Empire and the Free Planets Alliance.

Within the Galactic Empire, based on 19th century Prussia, an ambitious military genius, Reinhard von Müsel, is rising to power. He is driven by the desire to free his sister Annerose, who was taken by the Kaiser as a concubine. Later, he wants not only to end the corrupt Goldenbaum dynasty but also to defeat the Free Planets Alliance and to unify the whole galaxy under his rule.

There is a third neutral power nominally attached to the Galactic Empire called the Phezzan Dominion, a planet-state (city-state on a galactic scale) which trades with both warring powers. There is also a Terraism cult, which claims that humans should go back to Earth, gaining popularity throughout the galaxy.

As a huge Star Wars fan I’m always up for a good space opera but I’d never seen one so sprawling and politically focused as LoGH.

Yang Wenli is the perfect mix of relatable laziness with brilliance in both history and tactics.

Yet Reinhard is also likeable and as a viewer one tends to pick their favorite characters on both sides. The huge space battles and maneuvers are entertaining as hell but the real hook for me was the examination of a just dictatorship fighting against a corrupt democracy.

And despite every opportunity he’s given, every stupid command by his superiors, Yang refuses to reject his belief in the democratic system.

It’s a show that’s mature, entertaining, and thought provoking all the way through.

Space Brothers

In the summer of 2006, Mutta Nanba and his younger brother, Hibito, witness what they believe to be a UFO, which flies off towards the moon. Hibito decides he will go onto the moon whilst Mutta decides he will aim for Mars. Nineteen years later, in the year 2025, and Hibito has become a fully fledged JAXA astronaut assigned to go on a mission towards the moon.

Mutta, on the other hand, has not been so successful in achieving his dreams. As Mutta eventually recalls his past ambitions, he receives a letter stating he has been accepted to join a JAXA training program for new astronauts. The series follows Mutta as he seeks to become an astronaut and achieve his longtime dream just like his brother did.

I’ve always loved NASA and space travel so this show was right down my alley from the beginning.

But what really elevates it is the huge cast of likeable adult characters and the slow but steady progression of the brothers’ dreams. It doesn’t shy away from how difficult it is to become an astronaut and watching Mutta persevere through it all is immensely inspirational.


The story revolves around Dandy, a human alien-hunter. His job is to seek out new aliens never seen before, and receives a reward whenever he finds a new species. Dandy's mission is to find those new species faster than anyone else as he travels the galaxy and he travels with the bucket-of-bolts robot QT and the dimwit alien Myau he picked up. Along the way , Dandy comes into contact with new planets and their inhabitants.

Space Dandy is not Shinichiro Watanabe’s best work but I would argue it’s his most creative.

With so many amazing creators play around in the show’s crazy world Watanabe is able to give us a series bursting at the seams with contrasting tones, wildly varied animation, and fun characters. Not every episode is a winner but the duds are few and far between.

Plus the sakuga nerd in me is in love with all the established master animators as well as rising newcomers that got to express themselves.