Baka and Test

Baka and Test is one of my favorite comedy anime, and I know that this will not be popular with some of the fans. Only in the dub. The english dub is so good, if not for only the sole reason that is the English narrator who actually has a bigger role in the anime. The narrator gag is well, awesome, the placement was spot on and it adds that little extra to the show that you might not expect from a show like this.

One thing that makes Baka and Test more appealing is that they smash the fourth wall frequently and this doesn't even take you out of the show. Acttually much the opposite, it draws you further in.

This show I honestly one of the most hilarious anime I have ever seen.

It plays with the dead horse jokes that any fan has seen and makes them fresh and letting you laugh at them from a different perspective. But as I said, if you watch this, I would definitely watch the dub. I know why people like watching it subbed, for one, the voice acting is fantastic and you can tell they really had fun recording the episodes. I read that they added some of their own great jokes and that is a good sign that they got into the roles and were able to have some great take aways from working on it.