I’m InDesign Mode

I have been working as a designer for a couple of years now. Nothing too big. But I am part of the office that designs the company's training material and other liturature. Basically stuff for when we have seminars and things like that. I usually handle the layouts and hand them off to the next team that fills in my blanks. It is fun and I get to use programs like PhotoShop and Illustrator.

If you don't know InDesign don't feel bad. It's industry standard layout software so it's full of features and if you've used Photoshop or Illustrator before then you'll be familiar with the interface which makes moving between all three so much easier..

I think one it's best features is its ability to link to an image, and have your InDesign document update when you update the image. We use this a lot at work. We'll have a designer working on a photo on one end and I will be working on the layout and when it changes I can give them the right feedback.

Now I am in the process of designing some cards that a friend of mine will be using for their wedding. Okay, I am not doing this on company time. I have been working on them when I get home in the evening. I actually don't think it feels like work though, since this is a lot more personal and fun.

The feedback has been filled with laughter and we've had a chance to just have fun.

Since the package has a lot of tools for things like this I can get pretty everything done that needs to be done. For example I had her give me a spreadsheet since it easy to use mail merge from a .cvs file so you can design the layout of 1 card then hit a button and it'll generate your whole set.

I had first agree to just handle the save the date cards for her but we've gone ahead and I will be designing the rest of the cards as well.