De-cluttering My Home

Oh, so much clutter!

I have this habit of putting stuff away and then never looking at it again until my drawers are about to burst. I think, oh, this greeting card has to be saved. It is sentimental. And then, well, it is placed into the collection with the rest.

The reason I have decided to star to de-clutter, is well, I have a couple of projects going and I realize just how much clutter I actually have right now.

This has brought me to a couple of ideas.

If it's important to you keep it. So, say it is a card from my mother when I turned three, the I am keeping it. If my employer gives me one when I turned thirty, ditch it.

For some of them I am going to be taking digital photos of sentimental items and keeping that while ditching the physical card. I'm that I will not be looking at the digital photos any more than I would look at the originals, they are a much more compact way of storing stuff. And in the off chance I want to read them I can. I think handwriting is interesting and personal and something that I like to keep. A friend of mine, she is super creative. Actually she is an artist and can make her own paper. What she does is shred the cards, paper, what not and makes paper from them to use in her projects.